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We undertake the ornamentation and decoration of every kind of event, such as corporate events, inaugurations, openings, etc., by covering the needs of every reception with a unique expertise.

​Thanks to our experience, we create, with new ideas, suggestions and with quality materials, the ideal atmosphere for you and your guests.

With years of experience, excellent organization and, above all, inspiration and high aesthetic, we create unique events and special moments for special people!

​Thanks to the 24 years of experience we plan with you and create the perfect setting having always in mind the high aesthetic and targeting at a perfect result.
Churches – Condolences – Ceremonies
We undertake the decoration of churches for all celebrations and events.

We create also wreaths and floral columns for condolences while we undertake the decoration of funeral services with an absolute veneration to the defunct and respect to his family.
We undertake shipments and decorations at the surrounding islands,
decoration of all kinds of events and sending flowers worldwide.    

Condolences – Ceremonies

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